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Full Day Charters

Full Day  trips may invove long runs to the south or north chasing the bite.  We will venture up to 9 miles from shore on these 8 to 10 hour adventures. We leave early on these trips and have you home for dinner. These trips mix anchoring and bottom fishing activities with drifting and trolling.  These trips can yield sea bass, barracuda, kingfish, spanish mackerel, black fin tuna as well as a variety of grouper and snapper.

Rate $750.00 for (4) People

1/2 Day

1/2 day trips usually last about 5 hours and include fishing in Tampa Bay and near the beaches to 7 miles from shore.

Full Day

Full day trips will have you on the water for 7 to 8 hours and includes travel from 10 to 25 miles from port.

Long Offshore

We will say goodbye to the land and proceed 25 to 75 miles from shore. You can expect to be gone from 10 to 12 hours.


Night time shark fishing trips take place in and around Tampa Bay. The trips are from 5 to 6 hours in length and are only available certain times of the year. Primarily late Spring through Summer.

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